This project started as an attempt to create a new way of creating a haptic feedback from Virtual Reality interactions. We call the device Leviopole, which is a drone-powered device that can give the user a haptic-feedback mid-air.
My Role
Planning, Unity Content Developer
The project was led by Tomoya Sasaki, while I assisted on planning mechanical implementations and circuitry.
For proof of concept, I also created an interactive kayaking game using Unity. The content is called PaddleRun, an endless running game similar to Temple Run. In this game, you are tasked to paddle and travel through an endless river as far as you can. There will be obstacles and a time limit to add challenge factors. Also, there is a monster that will appear behind and chase after you for a few seconds. Therefore, you cannot travel slowly all the time.
Team (As of Feb 2018)
Tomoya Sasaki, Richard Sahala Hartanto, Maark Liu, Keitaro Tsuchiya
Deciding the Gameplay and Algorithm
The main purpose of the content is to show the haptic feedback performance of LevioPole. The game was designed to frequently let the user feel the thrust from the drone. After a few brainstorming, kayaking was chosen since the act of pedaling allows frequent haptic feedback, and the dynamics of the sports itself keeps the player away from boredom.
Visual Design
I chose low poly mainly due to its simplicity, both in aesthetics and computing weight. With my 3DCG ability at that time, I also could not pursue photo-realism.
Hardware Communication
Leviopole gives haptic feedback through the propelling thrusts from the drones. Actuation signals are given from Unity when the pedal makes a contact with the water in the game. The pole in reality and physical realms are synchronized using HTC Vive's tracking devices, which is known to be easy to use and accurate.
Used Unity Assets
For prototyping speed, it is crucial to use existing assets and skipping unnecessary work. Below are the list of assets used in this work.
Demo Video

VR Experience Demo Video

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